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Monday, March 06, 2006

lib.rario.us: very hip

So we were recently chatting in class about people cataloging their stuff (folksonomies), and I came across this website and I thought it was pretty neat. So on lib.rario.us (notice the same type of lettering as del.icio.us) you can catalog your media....books, c.d.'s and dvd's. They also use tags to categorize the different areas! An interesting way to see what other people have or just to see how many other people own the same c.d. you have....
More than anything this would be a great place for the ultra organized person. You could keep tabs of all of the c.d.'s you own and just pop online to check out what's in your collection. I have seen another site like this one, but for some reason now I cannot remember the name of it...I will try and figure it out. People creating their own little libraries!!! I just thought that this would be a great link to add to a young adult page, I could so see younger folk getting very excited about sharing their media collections online.