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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just the beginning...

So it seems I am not alone in the anxiety I have about not knowing enough about technology. Whew. It makes me feel tons better knowing that I will have others to talk to about my nervousness. I also really liked Steve's comment on my last post! So I took a little step towards my post-graduate learning and did a little research to figure out how I was going to keep up to date on all of the technology. Oh and wouldn't ya know I typed in "keeping up with technology in libraries" in the little Google search box and I came up with an amazing page courtesy of the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center. A handy little article titled, "Keeping Up With New Information Technologies" and they list Sources to Help Keep You Up. A few of the page or blogs I had actually heard of....and well I must take a look into the rest of them.