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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just the beginning...

So it seems I am not alone in the anxiety I have about not knowing enough about technology. Whew. It makes me feel tons better knowing that I will have others to talk to about my nervousness. I also really liked Steve's comment on my last post! So I took a little step towards my post-graduate learning and did a little research to figure out how I was going to keep up to date on all of the technology. Oh and wouldn't ya know I typed in "keeping up with technology in libraries" in the little Google search box and I came up with an amazing page courtesy of the Illinois Waste Management and Research Center. A handy little article titled, "Keeping Up With New Information Technologies" and they list Sources to Help Keep You Up. A few of the page or blogs I had actually heard of....and well I must take a look into the rest of them.

Monday, March 13, 2006

searching high and low

Like many of my colleagues I will be graduating in May and have been revamping my resume. I began to worry though, how do I compare to all of those technology innovators out there bringing libraries into what is a new and exciting time? The innovators are happily bringing technology into libraries attracting new users and making jobs a bit more competitive. All those new job postings for librarians with experience with blogging or who will bring the library up to speed with Library 2.0 make me nervous. I am afraid I am falling behind. This is my last semester and I am just now starting to learn about all of the greatness technology has to offer a library.

Then I wonder what exactly I need to list on my resume to catch someone's eye. Is it not enough anymore that I know the basics? I am learning about so many other things, but it will take time for me to catch up and so many have already passed me by....what is it that I need to keep my head above water? Does anyone else feel this way? In my worried state I began searching for some tips as to what would help me in this dizzying time and what do I stumble across but a WIKI offering me tips on "HOW TO APPLY FOR A LIBRARY JOB".....

Monday, March 06, 2006

lib.rario.us: very hip

So we were recently chatting in class about people cataloging their stuff (folksonomies), and I came across this website and I thought it was pretty neat. So on lib.rario.us (notice the same type of lettering as del.icio.us) you can catalog your media....books, c.d.'s and dvd's. They also use tags to categorize the different areas! An interesting way to see what other people have or just to see how many other people own the same c.d. you have....
More than anything this would be a great place for the ultra organized person. You could keep tabs of all of the c.d.'s you own and just pop online to check out what's in your collection. I have seen another site like this one, but for some reason now I cannot remember the name of it...I will try and figure it out. People creating their own little libraries!!! I just thought that this would be a great link to add to a young adult page, I could so see younger folk getting very excited about sharing their media collections online.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

New Young Adult webpage at AHML

The library I work at just added a new young adult webpage! I took a look at it for the first time yesterday and well it has a neat feature on it....a little section where young adults can find out how to IM their questions directly to a librarian! I really think that adding the IM feature to a young adult webpage is really great! I know so many young adults who IM on a daily maybe even hourly basis and this is a perfect place to reach out and pull them into the library. Intitially maybe they will think it is a bit nerdy chatting with their public librarian over IM but after they get over the nerdy factor I think a lot of young adults would really get into it! How fun. I really wish that a lot of this was around when I was younger.

Going along with the young adult webpage theme, I also checked out some of the other features that Michael linked to on his blog, "The Alternative Teen Services Blog"and I was really surprised to see that there were a few libraries that actually had MySpace accounts how neat. Another great way to go to where the young adults are and pull them into the library environment! Very fun! With that I need to find more young adult webpages to get some inspiration for my webpage project for class!

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Okay, so I am a bit overwhelmed. I really want to learn about all of this new technology but where do I start? Blogging I get, IMing I'm there, Wikis almost....but podcasting, RSS, OPML well let's just say I have a slight clue. If it weren't for my really dumb questions to my fiance who happens to be a software engineer, I'd be really lost. Do I just close my eyes and jump in, or do I need to do extensive research first?

Then there is my final webpage for my Internet Fundamentals class, oh it's like staring at a blank canvas without my muse. Although the canvas in this case is my screen and some joker stole my paint brushes and left me with a mere keyboard. I am feeling anything but creative, and I really want to turn something in that won't leave me feeling embarassed. (Or with a really bad grade)